vs Zenni Optical vs Lens Crafters: Price, Shipping & Customer Service Compared
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Ask a Question about Eyeglasses vs Zenni Optical vs Lens Crafters: Price, Shipping & Customer Service Compared is a good choice for those who want a lot of consumer protections such as from Google Trusted. The site also offers other stuff to make you feel more secure like free returns. Zenni is a good option for those looking to get the most economical glasses since some of them are available for $7 including prescription. LensCrafters will appeal to those who would rather do the whole thing in person.
Covered in this report — Best Features
Return glasses unopened for free up to 365 days.
Google Trusted status ensures that your order will be safe.
Best for: Those looking for maximum consumer protection on eyeglass purchases.
Zenni Optical — Best Features
Buy eyeglasses for under $7 at their base price.
Get free extras such as cases, anti-scratch coating and a Microfiber cloth.
Best for: Bargain hunters looking for the cheapest prescription eyeglasses around.
Best deal: Glasses Starting at $6.95 + Free Case, Cleaning CLoth, and Anti-Scratch Coating - [activate coupon]
Lens Crafters — Best Features
Schedule an eye exam right through the online portal.
Visit a number of physical stores in-person.
Best for: Those who'd rather try on their glasses in-person.
Best deal: 30% Discount - [activate coupon]

Here are some examples of some of the best places to get eyeglasses online, including a comparison between the various possibilities. has some easy options for returns and some consumer protections such as from Google.


  • Free Shipping-This isn’t across the board, but it is often offered for certain glasses during sales and deals. An example is the under $50 deal for glasses where you can get free shipping as part of the deal. This does usually require a code.
  • Eyeglass Tips-If you click on the health link at the upper right corner of the site, you’ll see that there’s quite a lot of information available about buying glasses since the site puts out articles about eyeglasses such as digital protection against monitor glare and so on.
  • Free Returns-You can return glasses for free as well for certain orders such as glasses or sunglasses. This is a 365 day free return. It requires the box to be unopened and unmarked though, and it also has to be within 6 months of the expiration date in order to return it for free.  



Zenni definitely has more of a discount approach to glasses. They actually have prices for Rx glasses that start at under $7. This includes prescription glasses. Most people rate the prescription to be accurate, so it seems like the low-cost doesn’t give a problem here. People do report that they break easily, however.


  • Glasses for Under $7- Other fees can apply like $5 for shipping and many other extra fees as well. These actually are prescription glasses, however.
  • Free Extras-Some glasses, such as the ones that cost under $7, come with extra free stuff such as a microfiber cleaning cloth, a protective case, anti-scratch coating, a single vision light lens, and full UV protection as an extra.
  • Preview-There’s an option to upload a photo of yourself on the glass listing page so that you can get a sense of what the glasses would look like over your face.
  • Color Variety-This is going to be different depending on the glasses, but you can get as much as 6 different colors or more for each glass type. So only have the one though.



LensCrafters has higher end glasses from many brand name glasses such as RayBan, Ralph Lauren, Burberry and others. It’s definitely a professional looking site that’s easy to navigate. You can put your cursor over “Savings,” “Products and Style,” and other categories to get an immediate drop-down listing for that category. There’s a big blank space on the site to make it so that you don’t blank out other parts of the site when you do this.


  • 40% Off Lenses-When you buy frames, you can get 40% off the lens that goes with them when you purchase both through the site.
  • Schedule eye Exams Online-Another nice feature through the site is the ability to schedule eye exams through local participating companies quickly and easily all through the online portal.
  • Get $50 Bonus for Signup-When you sign up on the site for the first time, you can get a $50 bonus for your trouble. This is available through the blue “Sign Up” button in the right corner of the site, and it will be credited to your account.
  • Wide Listing Variety-You can find many different Ray-Ban or Oakley glasses on the site, and there are plenty of styles here for both men and women.
  • Physical Stores-There are physical stores available from all over the nation. Store hours can vary, but usually they go through at least normal business hours.

Head to Head

Shipping and Pricing

It’s possible to get glasses for $49 on the site. This includes both lenses and free shipping. In particular, this is the 1.59 Index single-vision clear lenses. Examples of glasses that have this deal include the Kam Dhillon 3052 Brown Horn, and the Konishi Black Violet Stripes. In some cases, like the with the John Varvatos V136 Brown glasses, you save nearly $100 this way.

Zenni charges $5 for USA shipping on your entire order usually. Orders are delivered within 7 to 14 days on average. Pricing starts at $7, but there are a lot of fees involved even beyond the shipping fees. For example, making it oleophobic with finger resistant coating is going to be an extra $15.

The prices on LensCrafters are definitely higher end since they actually advertise that they have glasses under $150. An example is Ray-Ban New Warefarer that goes for $130.

Customer Service offers a number of options useful to consumers in terms of customer service. For one thing they have the TRUSTe certification to keep you from having privacy issues in the first place. They also have the Google Trusted certification that comes out to 4.7 stars overall with more than 6000 reviews posted. This certification also lets you use Google to moderate disputes between you and the site, as well as give you $1000 worth of product protection. The customer service reviews through the site are largely positive with many saying that the glasses were delivered quickly.

The customer service is good enough at Zenni to warrant an A+ from the Better Business Bureau, in any case. This is through the Novata, California branch. The main reason for this is just that the company cleared 167 complaints in the last 3 years. This isn’t a comprehensive check. Other measures of customer service include a 4.5 out of 5 through eKomi. The site also has Norton for ensuring that your customer service experience is a safe one when you make any payments through the site in general.

LensCrafters has a number of customer service options including going to them at their physical store, starting a live chat, emailing them, or through a variety of different phone numbers. These links are all in blue in the bottom left corner of the site. You can even get their address for sending them letters through snail mail if you want. Reviews for LensCrafters are generally positive online in terms of how customers review the service that they receive. 

Additional Information
Zenni Optical
Zenni Optical Coupon: Glasses Starting at $6.95 + Free Case, Cleaning CLoth, and Anti-Scratch Coating - Activate
Lens Crafters
Lens Crafters Coupon Code: 568949 - 30% Discount - Activate
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